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Elinor Aishah Holland

Her passion and enthusiasm for calligraphy began during a visit to Istanbul as a teenager. Very attracted to Arabic letterforms, but finding the study of this art difficult here in the US, she discovered the NY Society of Scribes and undertook an education in Latin lettering.

Specializing in Italic and Copperplate, Holland embraced all aspects of freelance calligraphy work, including invitation design and event work, teaching and exhibiting. Eventually Holland found master scribe Mohamed Zakariya and began the study of Arabic script.

After years of study and many trips to Istanbul, Holland received the Icazet, or calligraphic certification (for Thuluth and Naskh styles) in Arabic script in 2013. As a freelance lettering artist in Latin and Arabic scripts, her work includes exhibiting, teaching, doing commercial and commission work.

Clients include the Smithsonian Institute, The NY Public Library, Clinton Global Initiative, NY Society of Scribes, Long Island University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the US Department of State.

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Lubna Zahid

Lubna Zahid is a fine artist who specializes in traditional and contemporary Islamic art forms, from South Asia and the Middle East. She has over 25 years of painting experience. She has mastered a whole host of different mediums, making her art portfolio quite versatile and expansive. She is an apprentice of world renowned Arabic calligraphy master Abbas Al-Baghdadi from Iraq, who has trained her in traditional Calligraphic techniques as well as Manuscript Illumination.

Lubna is an active member of the Washington Calligraphers Guild and the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild. She teaches Art at the Reston Community Center, the Art League of Old Alexandria and Project of the Arts in Mclean. She has participated in juried fine art shows for many years in upstate New York, and after moving to Virginia in 2011 she has showcased her work in McLean, Great Falls and Old Alexandria. She taught a workshop on Illumination at the Smithsonian in the Freer Gallery.

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Pablo Casado


Pablo Casado, also known as Khalid, was born in 1982 in Madrid , Spain , where he has lived and developed both personally and academically. Although he always felt a special attraction towards the forms of Arabic calligraphy, it was not until 2008 when he contacted the reed pen for the first time, when he attended a brief introductory course to nesih calligraphy . Only a few days of practicing this art were enough to awaken to deep interest in him, and he soon felt the need to receive further instruction from a real master who could transmit him this ancient knowledge. It was at that point when he met Nuria García Masip, the renowned calligrapher who later became his mentor and teacher. 

In 2014 he received his icazet  or calligraphy diploma in sülüs and nesih styles in IRCICA (Research Center for Islamic History Art and Culture), signed by the masters Hassan Çelebi , Ferhat Kurlu and Nuria García Masip.

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