Finding the Perfect Space for Our Calligraphy Workshop

Putting workshops together is a lot of work. You want everything just right, so that the students who pay their hard earned money to attend and the teacher who prepares and takes the time to instruct have the best possible experience. They enjoy their time together and get the most out of the workshop. The environment, where the workshop takes place has a lot to do with creating this overall fun and positive experience.

So, I was very excited to connect with Judith HeartSong, artist and curator at Artists & Makers Studio in Rockville, Maryland, who showed me the perfect space for our upcoming thuluth Arabic calligraphy workshop on February 11 and 12.

According to their website, Artists & Makers provides services, support and studio space for select creative professionals in the Washington DC area. After a lot of searching, I met Judith a few weeks ago on a weekend morning. As she walked me through their available spaces, I knew this was the perfect place for our upcoming workshop. The 36,000 square foot space in the heart of Rockville houses galleries, studios, common spaces and large, open areas – a perfect place for our calligraphy students to find sanctuary from the noise of the world and immerse themselves in the art.

The space we’ll be using is surrounded by small sculptures and is right next door to one of their larger gallery spaces. It is such a cool and appropriate space that we’re planning a group studio tour with the administrators at Artists & Makers during one of the workshop breaks.

We hope you can join us for the fun. For more information on Artists & Makers, you can visit their website, or stop by their Facebook page. To sign up for either one day or two-day workshop on February 11 and 12, please feel free to visit our registration page.