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Arabic Calligraphy

This course gives you a deep dive into the art, tradition and culture of Arabic calligraphy. The course offers hands-on instruction time with our teacher, Elinor Aishah Holland.

The course will culminate in a final project where you'll learn to create your own piece of art using the letters you will learn during the in-person sessions.

No prior experience required.



Art of Illumination

Learn the art of illumination and decoration of the books. It has been an important art form in different Muslim dynasties in the past. Traditional techniques of the old master will be discussed and explained through presentations and demos. The students will learn the fundamental elements of the Arabesque patterns in the Islamic tradition. Techniques will include designing and developing in linear form by repetition and symmetry. They will also learn the decorative technique for applying fine gold leaf which is called gilding on to their art pieces.



Persian Script (Nasta'liq) Calligraphy with Master Calligrapher Bahman Panahi

Encounter the poetical beauty of the nasta'liq (Persian) script. This course will introduce students to the traditional materials and techniques used in calligraphy. Participants will learn the basic forms and systems of proportions of the letters as well as experiment with different approaches for creative compositions. Anyone who is passionate about the art of calligraphy at any level can greatly benefit from this unique experience to learn valuable techniques and insights from this renowned master.

No prior experience required.