Weekend Illumination Workshop-July 29 (Farifax, VA)

Illumination and Calligraphy.jpeg
Illumination and Calligraphy.jpeg
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Weekend Illumination Workshop-July 29 (Farifax, VA)


Learn the art of design and manuscript ornamentation.

This weekend class offers 6 full hours of instruction time for both beginners and advanced students. Class is from 10:00am-4:00pm ET at George Mason University.

Space is Limited. Materials not included.

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**Materials not included** (Please see supply list below)

The Art of Illumination – Supply List

Instructor – Lubna Zahid

**Please note: These materials can be purchased at any art store.


  1. Pencil-HB
  2. Sharpener
  3. Soft White Eraser
  4. Foot Ruler
  5. Any Compass
  6. Crow quill nib 102 with holder and black ink
  7. 8”x10” illustration board, white or off white
  8. Tracing paper - Pad
  9. Mixed Media Paper 11”X14”- Spiral Bound sketch Pad, or anything closer to it.
  10. Gouache Paints (white, royal blue, yellow, red and golden).
  11. A good quality watercolor brush that comes to a point: Round no.1
  12. A small plastic palette with wells.
  13. Paper towels.
  14. Water container.