Weekend Arabic Calligraphy Workshop with Elinor Aishah Holland - 2019

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Weekend Arabic Calligraphy Workshop with Elinor Aishah Holland - 2019


When: March 16, June 22, & September 28 (3 Saturdays)

Time: 10am -4:30pm

Where: Diyanet Center of America (Lanham, Maryland)

Class is open to beginner and continuing students (ages 13 and up).

Learn the art of Arabic Thuluth style script calligraphy with visiting master Elinor Aishah Holland.

Thuluth is one of the oldest and most popular script in the Arabic calligraphic tradition. Using authentic tools we will delve into the letterforms using the historic method first developed in Baghdad during the 11th century and later refined during the Ottoman period.

**For first time students that need materials, there is a $20 fee payable to the instructor in class.

Elinor Aishah Holland is one of the four American calligraphers to study Islamic calligraphy in the traditional method of the Ottoman school. Holland’s passion for calligraphy was sparked by a visit to Istanbul as a teenager. She has studied with master calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya for many years and received her diploma in 2013. Holland teaches, presents, and exhibits throughout the United States and Canada. Clients include the Smithsonian Institute, US Department of State, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Rubin Museum. She has exhibited at King Fahd Qur’an Conference, Sharjah and Kuwait Biennials, New York Islamic Arts Kadim Sanatin.

*Refund and Cancellation Policy: 72 hours notification prior to class date.

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