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Elinor Aishah Holland

Her passion and enthusiasm for calligraphy began during a visit to Istanbul as a teenager. Very attracted to Arabic letterforms, but finding the study of this art difficult here in the US, she discovered the NY Society of Scribes and undertook an education in Latin lettering.

Specializing in Italic and Copperplate, Holland embraced all aspects of freelance calligraphy work, including invitation design and event work, teaching and exhibiting. Eventually Holland found master scribe Mohamed Zakariya and began the study of Arabic script.

After years of study and many trips to Istanbul, Holland received the Icazet, or calligraphic certification (for Thuluth and Naskh styles) in Arabic script in 2013. As a freelance lettering artist in Latin and Arabic scripts, her work includes exhibiting, teaching, doing commercial and commission work.

Clients include the Smithsonian Institute, The NY Public Library, Clinton Global Initiative, NY Society of Scribes, Long Island University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the US Department of State.

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Lubna Zahid

Lubna Zahid is a classically trained fine artist. After beginning her career as an artist in Pakistan, Lubna immigrated to the United States in 2000. Typographic elements in her works rely heavily on the progressive post-colonial movements in the Muslim world in the 20th century. The philosophical works of thinkers like Rumi, Allama Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz shaped her generation and their ideas are evident in her pieces.

Strongly influenced by contemporary and classical calligraphy in Urdu, Arabic and Persian, her pieces include texts in these languages. Lubna received calligraphy and illumination training by master calligrapher Abbas Baghdadi. She experiments with bold renditions of Islamic decorative forms such as the Shamsas. Her work is inflected deeply by the works of masters like Sadequain, Dulac, Klimt and Kahlo. She expresses herself in a variety of media including transparent watercolor, gouache, graphite, charcoal, ink, acrylics and clay.

Lubna has exhibited her work in the United States and in Pakistan. She teaches classes, workshops and seminars on art and art history in various venues including the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler Galleries. She lives in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

Lubna’s work can be viewed on her website: or Instagram account: @LubnaZahidArt

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