Calligraphy is Human Expression

Written language is part of who we are. By most accounts, we have been writing letters as a way of expression and communication since the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians of 3,000 BC, for more than 5,000 years ago. As the world becomes more digital, what happens to the written script? Writing is more than just communication, it is a preservation of tradition and evolution of expression in art form. Language makes us human, calligraphy is an expression of our humanity.


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When you ask a practitioner, or a master, what the art of calligraphy means to them, you may get different answers. But, often there are common threads. Calligraphy to them is about expression, patience, dedication, spirituality, tradition and creativity. Get inspired by reading our profiles of today's and history's masters of the art.


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How does it feel to create art in letters? We believe that the only way to know something is to experience it. Our purpose is to connect those interested in arabic calligraphy and  art of illumination with the teachers of those arts. Learn about how you can get started in your journey as a calligrapher and illumination artist.


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The story of arabic calligraphy is full of people and events that cascade over time and space. There are pearls of insight and inspiration to be found if you dive deep enough, in masters like Sami Efendi and Hasan Celebi. There are many resources available online. Get smarter in our resources section.