The Intention Behind the Art According to Hasan Celebi

One of the most amazing articles I have read that sums up my intention and approach to this art is an interview that Al-Madina Institute did with master calligrapher Hasan Celebi. The intention behind the art has to be pure for you to get the most out of your time with calligraphy. It is a process that requires years of dedication and sincere intention.

In the article, Celebi is quoted as saying, "the intention behind the art is to treat the souls of people. Calligraphy, among all the islamic arts, due to its elaborateness, is hard, more demanding, and visually more beautiful than any other. The beauty of calligraphy is crucial in reflecting its elegance. It is possible to see the purpose behind the art by looking at it. Meaning, art reflects whether it is done with the purpose of material gain, sole beauty or spiritual gratification."

I recommend you read more of Celebi's thoughts.